Pathfinder- The River Kingdoms

Weekly Adventure

I’m giving any of you the ability to create a new page here and post an update of our story every week. If you do, you may title it whatever you wish or “Week X Adventure”. Just make sure you put the Tagline as “Week 1” or “Week 14” depending on the week that we play. This changes every week to “Week 2 Adventure” Title and “Week 2” Tagline, week 3, and etc. You may actually create this however you wish.. a bullet-point list of events that took place, a brief explanation or a fully detailed story.

If you do this I will give a reward of up to 3 tokens that will give you +2 to any roll, and perhaps even more of a reward if you do an exceptional job on the adventure update. This is a first come first served reward. It diminishes from 3 to 2 to 1 (and never goes lower) so even if your not the first – you will still get something. This is about interacting and telling a group story.

Also, don’t make the mistake that Jesse did. Create a new post. If you accidentally edit this one instead, or any of the others, please don’t accidentally delete what was left there. None of this information is backed up anywhere else.


I actually rewrote this after messing up and deleting Matt’s first post. Sorry for any confusion caused.

Weekly Adventure

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