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“Rain again rain again. Why does it have to rain again?” Ash whined as he pulled his cloak in just a little tighter. It had been raining for days, the rations were wet, the horses ran off two nights ago and the group needed to be in Deadbridge by nightfall.

“Well you could be wetter…” (Crystal) slyly said as she began to cast Create Water above Ash’s head. Grabbing her arm (Brian) leaned in and with a look told her to stop – the boy was miserable enough. They all were. Not only are they stuck walking through the poring rain in the mud but the horses took off with most of the food. For three days they have had nothing but hard tack and the putrid smell of their recent bounties head to line their stomach.

“We’re finally back at the Sellen River now kids.” Jericho said as he stooped to examine something in the muck. Rising and pointing to the ferry station he proclaimed with no small measure of relief “Were home.” “Not home yet I reckon.” said an old crone stinking of grapes and cheese as she hobbled out of the shack where the ferry was tied up. “Two bit will see ye across I reckon.” she proclaimed as she looked up at the party. Squinting as rain fell in her one good and one milky eye she quickly added “Each” and reached out a gnarled old hand.

Loaded onto the ferry the party set off across the rapid and rain swollen West Sellen River. Possessing the agility and deft seamanship of a woman thirty years her junior the old crone began navigating the boat across using nothing but a guide rope and pole. Winter was rapidly fading and travel on any of the rivers that gave the region its name was getting more and more treacherous day by day. Clearly a wizened old veteran of the river the Crone was humming madly and suddenly decided to strike up a conversation while dodging a felled tree in the river. “So are ye headed to Innstradt? To help old Olgar Ironmead out with his bridge problem? Good pay I hears. Its just up yonder Follow the river West on the other side and ye can’t miss it." With a few deft clicks of her teeth and smacking of her gums the Crone finished her chore and brought them safely to the far bank. “Now remember – off to Innstradt with ye. Good folks be needin good folks in these parts.” Flipping her a few gold coins Jericho says “We will old woman we will.”.

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