Character Creation rules:

Level 5 starting – No Lawful Good characters allowed.

Required info to me atleast 1 day before we start playing (not the character stats- you know I like to see the rolls) – Character concepts.

The more detailed the concept the more I am willing to “fudge” bad dice rolls. No one wants to play someone with a bunch of 8’s and 11’s in their stats.

If you give me no concept – you roll 3D6 Start at Strength and work down. No exceptions.

If you have a concept at all – You get a dice roll pool. Roll 6 times and allocate them.

If you bother to answer the basics – Who? What? Where? When? And Why? – Roll 4D6 pool dropping 1’s.

If you can connect yourself through story, kin, or WHATEVER to the ENTIRE party – I let you roll 4D6 for 2 stats keeping all 4 dice.

Play rules:

  1. 1 Argue the rules with me during the week. Argue the rules with me during a break. Do not stop the game and ruin everyone else’s enjoyment during a game session. I have one player who can slip up and if you still want to play you will see – I will tell him to stop. I care about the story. I care about the tension of the encounter. I know most of the rules. I have at least read them all. I am not an encyclopedia – I WILL make mistakes. I am only human.
  2. 2 Only offer player advice when they ask for it. Telling someone how to dance when all you can do is the robot is embarrassing. You may have played a Sorcerer before but you are not now.
  3. There are no XP bonuses to be given in this campaign. We have always leveled too fast in the past and its not fair for one person to level before everyone else. Also, it brings the game to a screeching halt when someone levels 30 min. into the session. Of course they want to adjust everything right then.

So officially, all rewards will be small bonuses to your roles and Prestige Points. Also, Prestige Points can be banked. Roll modifiers can not be – use them or loose them.


Pathfinder- The River Kingdoms MatthewWeyna