Ash, The Prodigal Son

Appearance, Mannerisms and Personality

Ash, who’s birth name is Richard Cobbleton, came from a merchant father and alchemist mother. His parents were not rich but were still fairly well off. Born and raised in Daggermark Ash attended a fairly prestigious apprenticeship academy. Returning home one day around his twelfth birthday he began to smell the smell of smoke in the air. Running as fast as he could he arrived just in time to see his house – fully engulfed in flames collapse in on itself.

For hours the local residents heard the screams of his parents as they died. After a few grief soaked days, while he began to sift through the wreckage, he came upon his parents corpse’s – both were bound and gagged. All of his former life mattered not to him as he set out to track down his parent’s killers.

Good intent aside a book learned twelve years old does not tend to fare well on the streets alone. One day months later, while looking for scraps to eat, a group of bandits began tormenting him. Chasing him into an alleyway they beat him mercilessly and were about to kill him just for sport.

On the brink of death and the haze of unconsciousness setting in he had a vision of a serpentine dragon floating through the air destroying all those who stood before him. Coming too, drenched in blood and entrails, Ash found this small dragon like animal nestled up in the crook of his arm. An unexplainable bond shared between the two he found life to be easier.

Shortly after such a brief and sudden trauma life began to return to normalcy. An Aunt and Uncle found him and brought him in to be like a son and he even found that he shared a psychic bond with his new pet dragon. Two years went by in relative bliss.

This all came to an end as suddenly and traumatically as before – waking up in the middle of the night to find his new families house burning. Struck dumb by the sight of losing yet another family to fire he was only saved by the intervention of Jericho diving to protect him.

Ash didn’t speak – no couldn’t speak for many days after. Jericho started calling him Ash and it has stuck ever since.

A Day in the Life


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